What is the course about?

A course on the ability to use assertive messages in both professional and personal life.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for anyone in the organization who needs support in this area.

What will you learn?

  • What is assertiveness;
  • Why assertiveness can be difficult;
  • What is assertiveness and what is not;
  • How to build assertive messages.

What will you find in the course?

6 video lessons
with a length of 45 minutes

3 task boards
to do it yourself,

Knowledge test
consisting of 27 questions

which will allow you to test your knowledge
gained during the course,

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Anna Molenda

Sales, priority and change management, communication, leadership, mindfulness.

Profile of the trainer

More than 15 years of experience

  • Development and sales trainer, Avon Cosmetics Poland; 13 years,
  • Sales trainer, TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE; 3 years,
  • More than 10,000 completed training hours.


  • Jagiellonian University,
    postgraduate studies, Counseling and assistance
  • MATRIK Management Trainers Association, School of Trainers;
  • Polish Mindfulness Institute, Teacher of the MBSR program;
Assertiveness - course description

The assertiveness course is a training program that consists of various modules that enable participants to learn and develop assertive skills. This program is available to anyone who wants to gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively express their thoughts, feelings and needs while respecting other people.

Assertiveness at work and beyond

The course begins with an introduction to the basic principles of assertiveness and a discussion of the differences between assertiveness and aggressiveness and passivity. Participants in this course will learn the benefits of using assertiveness in various situations, how to increase their self-esteem and how to build positive relationships with other people.

The exercise of assertive behavior will be done primarily through concrete examples. This will make it much easier to assimilate knowledge than a regular training course. Such assertiveness training definitely boosts self-confidence and helps you deal better with others.

You don't always have to agree

When communicating with another person, the most important thing is to live in harmony with yourself. This is a simple rule to remember once and for all. From the training on assertiveness, you will learn how to say no without feeling guilty and how to behave assertively in both professional and private situations.

In the following modules, the course focuses on various aspects of building assertive messages. Participants will learn practical tips on:

  • expressing their opinions,
  • expressing criticism,
  • denial and demand.

When something is wrong - self-expression and constructive criticism

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their communication style, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and practice dealing with emotions and stressful situations. The course introduces strategies to use in negotiations and discussions.

Constructive criticism is the process of expressing opinions or comments in a way that is intended to help develop and improve a person or situation. It’s a form of feedback that focuses on problems and opportunities for improvement, rather than personal attacks or negative judgments. This course addresses the topic of constructive feedback. Imagine if it made every one of your co-workers do their jobs better. Answer the question yourself if it’s worth it!

Assertiveness training - Skillveo help with employee relations

With us you will learn that assertiveness is something that depends on you. By acquiring this skill, you will be able to infect the rest of your team and your loved ones with confidence. You will be resistant to criticism that is not constructive, and you will get to know yourself better.

Buy a course from Skillveo and see for yourself what else you can use!

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