Countering bullying

What is the course about?

The course is about how to prevent bullying and provide employees with a safe environment, free from undesirable situations. It is dedicated to all people in the organization along with team leaders to support them in recognizing and countering bullying, educate managers and employees and what the effects can be on the company and the team.

Participants in this training will gain knowledge of what bullying is and how to recognize it. How to respond when you witness or are a victim of such behavior, and how to create an organization free of bullying and undesirable situations.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for:

  • all employees of the organization
  • team leaders and managers
  • persons responsible for shaping the environment in the company

What will you learn?

Part. 1 – What is bullying?

  • how we define bullying
  • what is the legal aspect
  • What roles we can play in bullying activities
  • what phenomena and concepts can create or accompany bullying

Part. 2 – How does bullying take place?

  • what actions can be considered mobbing
  • how the process of mobbing takes place and develops
  • how bullying differs from conflict

Part. 3 – How to respond to bullying?

  • How to react when you witness bullying
  • what actions you can take when you are a victim of bullying
  • What to watch out for to avoid becoming a mobster
  • how to communicate your boundaries

Part. 4 – An organization without bullying

  • what responsibilities organizations have in countering bullying
  • what actions the organization can take to counter bullying
  • What steps team leaders can take to create an environment without bullying

What will you find in the course?

Video lessons
about 2h in length

Task boards
to make

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Anna Molenda

Sales, priority and change management, communication, leadership, mindfulness.

Profile of the trainer

Anna has specialized in motivation and communication and sales topics for more than 15 years, as well as in the areas of priority management, change implementation and branding. She is passionate about education based on the findings of human development psychology and positive psychology.

More than 15 years of experience

  • Development and sales trainer, Avon Cosmetics Poland; 13 years,
  • Sales trainer, TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE; 3 years,
  • More than 10,000 completed training hours.


  • Jagiellonian University,
    postgraduate studies, Counseling and assistance
  • MATRIK Management Trainers Association, School of Trainers;
  • Polish Mindfulness Institute, Teacher of the MBSR program;
Countering bullying - course description

Did you know that the law imposes an obligation on the employer to prevent bullying? The phenomenon of bullying in the workplace has a negative impact on the atmosphere and even the health of employees. One of the measures taken by employers as part of their anti-bullying policies is employee training. The online course on the Skillveo platform – , “Countering bullying and undesirable situations in the organization”, will help ensure a work environment free of violence and bullying.

Prepare your organization with an anti-bullying policy - anti-mobbing

This course is designed for everyone in the organization to prevent bullying and provide employees with a safe environment, free from undesirable situations. Whether you are an employee, manager or entrepreneur, our course will provide you with the knowledge of how to recognize bullying, how to deal with situations when witnessing or being a victim of bullying and, most importantly, how to prevent bullying in the work environment.

At Skillveo, we focus on knowledge and practical solutions! Our courses are proof of this

Bullying should not be a taboo subject. By talking about it and analyzing various behaviors, we should all learn how to avoid it, eliminate it and communicate on the subject.

See what you can achieve with a course from Skillveo

In the course you will learn:

  • What is bullying and how to define it
  • recognize bullying and how the process works
  • How to deal with bullying if you are a witness or a victim
  • Create an organization free of bullying and violence
Take our course and operate in a bully-free organization!

In an effort to support teams in recognizing and countering bullying, Skillveo is educating managers and team members on how to counter such practices and the effects they can have on the company and the team.

Join individuals and organizations that are compliant with anti-bullying policies!

Your trainer, Anna Molenda, is an experienced trainer who has specialized for more than 15 years in topics related to motivation and communication, as well as in the areas of priority management and change implementation. She is passionate about education based on the findings of human development psychology and positive psychology.

Employee safety and a bully-free environment! Skillveo course

Anna appreciated for her patience and ability to explain even the most difficult topics in a very accessible way. Her commitment and professionalism makes course participants feel free and fluent in the topics covered, focusing on the most relevant elements. Anna prepared the training in cooperation with Skillveo’s clients, based on real problems that occur in many industries.

Learn how to counter bullying!

The training we have prepared is 4 sections with a total time of 2h. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Skillveo certificate, confirming your knowledge and completion of the course. Don’t miss the chance, sign up now for the course “Counteracting bullying and undesirable situations in the organization ” and ensure a work environment free of bullying and violence!

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Find ways to take anti-bullying action
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