What is the course about?

The course is devoted to modern leadership and how to build and support effective and motivated people.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for:

  • managers,
  • leaders,
  • All employees who need support in this area.

What will you learn?

  • What qualities are worth working on as a leader, a leader;
  • What are the assumptions and effectiveness of different leadership styles;
  • What is situational leadership and how to apply it;
  • What are the stages of team building;
  • What is the role of the leader in the various stages of team building.

What will you find in the course?

10 video lessons
with a length of 1 h and 20 minutes

charts with tasks
to do on your own

Knowledge test
consisting of 42 questions

which will allow you to test your knowledge
gained during the course,

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Anna Molenda

Sales, priority and change management, communication, leadership, mindfulness.

Profile of the trainer

More than 15 years of experience

  • Development and sales trainer, Avon Cosmetics Poland; 13 years,
  • Sales trainer, TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE; 3 years,
  • More than 10,000 completed training hours.


  • Jagiellonian University,
    postgraduate studies, Counseling and assistance
  • MATRIK Management Trainers Association, School of Trainers;
  • Polish Mindfulness Institute, Teacher of the MBSR program;
Leadership - course description

The training focuses on modern leadership and provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to build and support effective and motivated people. The goal of the course is to develop leadership skills that will enable participants to effectively manage a team, inspire others to achieve higher results, and create a motivating and supportive work environment.

Training for leaders and more

Leadership training courses prepared by the Skillveo platform outline the challenges faced by a leader who wants every person in the organization to be motivated and perform their duties efficiently.

During the course, participants will explore various aspects of modern leadership in organizations and beyond. Theories and models that describe effective leadership behavior and traits will be discussed. Participants will learn how to develop their communication, empathy, listening and relationship-building skills to work effectively with team members and motivate them to succeed.

How do you build a team?

One of the many tasks of a leader is team building. This should be done in such a way that the resulting group of people motivate each other and live in full harmony with each other. This will not be possible without the guidance that our leadership training brings.

Participants will learn how to recognize and meet the needs of their employees, how to give them support and recognition, and how to create a work environment that stimulates growth and commitment. Motivation management techniques such as giving meaning to work, creating goals, giving constructive feedback and offering opportunities for development will be discussed.

Leadership styles

Leaders are actually people who are supposed to encourage people to perform their duties. A good leader is a person who works for the success of the team together with it. In order to perform well in your role, you need to learn about the leadership styles available and choose one that will resonate most with your environment.

An important aspect of the course will be the development of leadership skills in the context of change and innovation. Participants will learn how to effectively manage change, how to foster innovation and creative thinking in the team, and how to adapt to dynamic market and technological conditions.

What is situational leadership and how to apply it?

The aforementioned issue is also discussed in the training we have prepared. It will be led by Anna Molenda – a trainer who specializes in topics related to personal development, motivation and everything that makes you feel like reaching for the stars!

Learn the techniques with which you will become an excellent leader - take a course from Skillveo!

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