PowerPoint part 1 – Introduction

What is the course about?

This is a course designed for anyone who wants to master the basics of creating dynamic and professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Participants will gain practical skills in creating slides, adding effects, graphics and multimedia, allowing them to present their ideas and information in an attractive and effective way.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for:

  • Beginners who are just starting their adventure with PowerPoint,
  • Office workers,
  • Students and learners who need the skills to create presentations for their projects and papers,
  • Teachers,
  • Entrepreneurs who want to prepare impressive presentations for their clients and business partners
  • Specialists and managers.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn what a good presentation looks like,
  • Where to get inspiration from,
  • What to look out for,
  • What is better to avoid,
  • How to lay out the appearance of the entire data presentation.

What will you find in the course?

6 video lessons
with a total length of 30 minutes

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Andrew PACH

Profile of the trainer

Andrew Pach is a talented animator and experienced instructor who specializes in creating dynamic PowerPoint training courses. His passion for presentations and creativity means he can draw participants into a world of fascinating slides and striking animations. With his knowledge and skills, anyone can learn to create professional and innovative presentations that will stand out.

PowerPoint part. 1: introduction - course description

Move like a fish in water in PowerPoint!

If you dream of creating presentations that not only convey information, but also delight and attract attention, our course is designed for you. We invite you to discover the fascinating world of dynamic and professional presentations that will become your trademark!

Microsoft PowerPoint step by step with Skillveo

Creating professional presentations is a skill that can set you apart at work, university or in business. We will help you master the art of creating presentations that not only inform, but also inspire and engage your audience.

Select an item on the ribbon, make changes on the slide.... and create a presentation that will attract attention!

Using presentations at school and work is now an everyday occurrence. Public speaking and lectures of various kinds are inevitable. That's why we created our training program. It allows you to see that the way you convey information is interesting, engaging and produces the desired results in the form of satisfied participants.

PowerPoint for everyone

We created our training for anyone who wants to master the basics of creating impressive presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether you're just getting started with PowerPoint or you're an experienced user, our course will help you take your skills to the next level.

Be one of those people who create interesting presentations!

The course is dedicated to beginners, office workers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals and managers. You will learn how to create dynamic slides, add special effects, skillfully use graphics and multimedia, and communicate information in an attractive and effective way.

MS PowerPoint training

Andrew Pach, our talented instructor, specializes in creating dynamic PowerPoint training courses. His passion for presentations and creativity draws participants into a world of fascinating slides, interactive animations and impactful presentations.

MS Powerpoint for everyone! Skillveo online training

You won't find with him boring instructions like ''click the button, see what you see on the left and what you see on the right...''. Instead, you will be met with a concrete dose of knowledge and tricks that you can use in a presentation on any topic. Andrew has also prepared engaging tasks to help consolidate the knowledge gained.

PowerPoint - online training from Skillveo

The training program consists of 6 lessons, lasting a total of 30 minutes. Each lesson is not just dry theory, but more importantly the practical skills you will gain through active activities. Through practical tasks, you will be able to independently apply the knowledge you have gained.

See that PowerPoint is a tool for anyone who is creative!

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Skillveo. This certification will not only highlight your abilities on LinkedIn and on your resume, but also demonstrates your willingness to create professional presentations that will stand out.

Don't delay, get the skills that will make you stand out in the business world!

Find a way to motivate yourself
And reach out for training from Skillveo!

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