Success in business – increase sales

What is the course about?

Sales courses have been composed to provide comprehensive knowledge and inspiration for the sales position. They are dedicated to both salespeople and business owners to master techniques that will help them stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the industry.

Sales training participants will gain knowledge about what activities support the work of a salesperson, what makes sales a rewarding and successful profession, what skills are important at each stage of the sales process to increase the chance of closing a sale, or how to deal with different types of customers.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is designed for:

  • seller
  • trader
  • customer advisor
  • account manager
  • sales representative
  • customer service employee
  • call center employee
  • sales manager
  • sales director
  • manager for the company. development
  • company’s sales department
  • business owner

What will you learn?

▶ The personal development of the salesman is covered in courses:

1 The Sales Profession – is a course, a series of videos and exercises, posing questions:

  • What motivates you to choose this profession?
  • What does the vendor do?
  • What qualities, skills and attitude will support you as a salesperson?

2 Success Factors in Sales – The course addresses issues such as:

  • What makes sales a rewarding and successful profession?
  • How do you work with your own beliefs in your sales job?
  • Organization of time in the sales profession

▶ Vendor skill development includes courses:

1. sales as a process – presents sales models based on the principles of relational selling, allowing to plan the sales cycle and work with the customer and select the necessary skills.

2 Skills in the sales process – Dedicated to the skills needed at various stages of sales:

  • researching needs and asking questions
  • ability to speak the language of benefits
  • overcoming customer objections
  • finalisation of the sale

3. Types of customers – dedicated to relationships and communication with different types of customers:

  • ability to create a customer persona
  • customer personality
  • decision-making
  • types of perception
  • generational breakdown

4. selling over the phone – Discusses how to talk to customers to establish a relationship that promotes trust and sales:

  • how to prepare for an interview
  • what are the stages of an engaging conversation

5. complaint resolution – Focuses on communication and important principles when dealing with a customer who is dissatisfied, disappointed, expecting action

6. working with a difficult customer – built around the question “Who is a ‘difficult customer’ for you, and what is the biggest difficulty in working with them?”. The answer to this basic question takes us to tips on how to build rapport with different types of customers:

  • finicky, indecisive customer
  • arrogant customer
  • aggressive customer

7 Working with Emotions – dedicated to issues related to everyday functioning in the world of emotions, which support our decisions, shape our views, suggest what supports us and what limits us:

  • How are emotions created?
  • What do emotions tell us about?
  • How to make emotions support us, not limit us

What will you find in the course?

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Anna Molenda

Sales, priority and change management, communication, leadership, mindfulness.

Profile of the trainer

Anna has specialized in motivation and communication and sales topics for more than 15 years, as well as in the areas of priority management, change implementation and branding. She is passionate about education based on the findings of human development psychology and positive psychology.

More than 15 years of experience

  • Development and sales trainer, Avon Cosmetics Poland; 13 years,
  • Sales trainer, TNT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE; 3 years,
  • More than 10,000 completed training hours.


  • Jagiellonian University,
    postgraduate studies, Counseling and assistance
  • MATRIK Management Trainers Association, School of Trainers;
  • Polish Mindfulness Institute, Teacher of the MBSR program;
Success in business - increase sales

Did you know that competence development and continuous training is the key to effective sales? Getting to know your customer better will allow you to tailor your offer strictly to their needs, and this influences the final purchase decision. That’s why it’s so important to constantly learn and test new sales opportunities and methods. One of the forms of developing competencies useful in working with clients is training for employees, among others. Online courses on the Skillveo platform – , “Success in business – increase sales”, will allow you to develop competencies that will increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Increase your company's performance!

This course is designed for departments of organizations, and companies that are involved in sales, to develop their competence and thus succeed. Whether you are an employee, manager, or entrepreneur our course will provide you with knowledge about types of customers, how to understand sales as a process, and how to best communicate during the claims process.

At Skillveo, we focus on knowledge and practical solutions! Our courses are proof of this

Effective selling is offering people exactly what they need for money they might spend unnecessarily on something else. Learn how to respond to customer needs.

See what you can achieve with courses from Skillveo

In the course you will learn:

  • researching your needs and asking the right questions
  • the ability to speak the language of benefits
  • working with difficult customers
  • call preparation
  • you will learn the stages of an engaging conversation
  • market effectively
Choose our courses and sell more!

In an effort to support teams in their efforts to increase and improve the sales process, Skillveo educates managers and team members on how to communicate with customers, assess their needs, or respond in difficult situations.

Join the ranks of successful salespeople!

Your trainer, Anna Molenda, is an experienced trainer who has specialized for more than 15 years in topics related to sales, motivation and communication, as well as in the areas of priority management, change implementation and branding. She is passionate about education based on the psychology of human development and positive psychology.

Be successful in business with Skillveo courses!

Anna is appreciated for her patience and ability to explain even the most difficult topics in a very accessible way. Her commitment and professionalism makes course participants feel at ease with the topics covered, focusing on the most relevant elements. Anna prepared the training in cooperation with Skillveo’s clients, based on real problems occurring in various industries.

Achieve success in sales!

The training we have prepared includes sales courses, covering key sales topics to ultimately understand the process, learn techniques and learn how to act effectively with customers. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a Skillveo certificate, confirming your knowledge and completion of the course. Sign up now for the course “Business Success – Increase Sales” and take even better care of your customers!

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Find out how to succeed in sales by increasing your results and get ahead of the competition!

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