Onboarding automation

Shorten the onboarding of new employees and make it more efficient with the Skillveo platform. With our service you will take care of high quality and availability of the process on any mobile device. Automating onboarding significantly reduces the cost of employee deployment and saves time for those involved in the process.

Benefits of onboarding automation

employee onboarding is faster thanks to access to automatic onboarding paths
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cost savings in the form of working time of people involved in the traditional onboarding model
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the process can take place remotely, and the process itself can take place even before the first day of work
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Onboarding automation functionalities

Individual onbording paths tailored to the type of position

Interactive tests and audiovisual materials

Access to onboarding on any device

Practical exercises to implement independently

Manager's panel
and progress reports

Knowledge base
about working remotely

24/7 Support

Ability to add ready-made training courses from the Skillveo platform

Case study

Together with our RES client, we developed an employee deployment plan, recorded training sessions with managers, prepared knowledge tests and invited users to the platform. Through the onboarding process on the platform, our client achieved such benefits as:

  • Deployment time was reduced from 2 weeks to 2.5 days, thanks to access to the
    to the process on the platform before the employee starts work
  • 80% of the process happened automatically without the need for a meeting
    at headquarters and the participation of managers
  • New employees tested their knowledge through tests on the platform, passing 80% of which allowed them to complete onboarding
  • The savings estimated by the company’s management at approx. A team of 50 people will amount to
    ca. PLN 300,000 per year, thanks to onboarding automation

Our customers

What the platform may contain

We help create and arrange multimedia materials for the platform.

If you want we can create material for your company

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