How does the Skillveo platform work?

“The success of modern organizations is measured by how quickly their employees can learn new skills, assimilate information and adapt to change.” This phrase is increasingly repeated on the Internet when it comes to the effectiveness of growing companies. And for good reason – the pace of change in how we work is accelerating from decade to decade. And it will be even faster, changing with technological changes. What does this mean for us? The aspects are many, but one of the most important is the transfer of more and more activities to online.

While many of us remember as if through a fog the use of knowledge before the Internet, the changes that have taken place in the very content available online are enormous. We have access to a plethora of solutions to gain knowledge on our own, although sometimes it can be hard to choose the optimal solution. The challenge is even greater when we want to introduce a solution that our entire team of employees in our organization would use on a regular basis. For this purpose, knowledge management platforms prove to be the best fit. They are usually available web-based and allow you to upload entire sets of training courses, e.g. in video form, and then test the knowledge you have gained. Such a platform is Skillveo. How can it be used?

What is Skillveo?

Skillveo is, in the simplest terms, an online platform for knowledge management in an organization. This tool allows, first and foremost, to raise and equalize the competence of employees. Thanks to its online form and browser-based accessibility, the platform can not only be used anywhere, anytime, but also on any device that supports a browser. In this way, your team can acquire the necessary competencies also at home office, commuting by streetcar to work or after hours. The availability of courses provides many more opportunities than just refining hard professional skills. Above all, it’s a way to conveniently access the concentrated knowledge of the entire organization, so you don’t have to know by heart every procedure in place at the company.

This concentration of information on a single platform makes it possible to implement yet another advantageous solution for the company – onboarding automation. This solution is gaining more and more popularity due to the huge cost reduction resulting from the saved time of the team that implements the new employee. Properly conducted onboarding has a huge impact on a new person’s commitment and the quality of their work in the future. Often, due to a myriad of other higher-priority tasks, the introduction of a new employee can be neglected. Using a platform like Skillveo to deploy a new person allows you to maintain a consistent level of onboarding and ensures that all key information has been communicated to the new employee.

Such optimization especially works well in distributed teams. By introducing a single, easy-to-use knowledge base available online, the flow of information becomes much more efficient. In this way, remote workers can always be redirected to a collection of information on a given topic, and it is easier to deploy a remote team without organizing numerous video chats on every relevant topic.

Functionality of the platform

As of the publication date of this text, 168 courses consisting of 4,796 micro lessons are available on Skillveo – that’s 626 hours of valuable content in the form of courses and webinars. The 7 thematic categories currently consist of:

  • Office suite
  • Personal development
  • Computer graphics
  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Sales
  • Management

Among other things, a set of training courses on remote work will soon be added to this list. The online courses also come with practice assignments, and after completing the selected course, each participant can take a quiz to test their newly acquired knowledge. This allows your managers to regularly check the platform’s user activity reports.

In order to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities and bring in-house training and automate onboarding, personalization is a key aspect. The in-house training module is still being developed and already allows you to upload your own materials – whether they are in the form of video, audio or documents. You can prepare your own lessons and “test” new employees with tools such as the quiz creator. This will give your managers the ability to check the level of participant engagement in training or onboarding in the form of reports.

Why invest in Skillveo?

Onsite training is a solution that can be costly and always involves the risk that knowledge will not be properly implemented and verified. Using an online platform for this purpose saves time – it eliminates opportunity costs such as the cost of travel, adjusting to the pace of the group or arranging a training space. The only thing needed to use the platform is Internet access – an employee gets access to the platform in 5 minutes. The cost of the training itself for a single employee is also much lower – a subscription to the platform costs PLN 39 per month per employee, while prices for a full day of training in the standard “live” form start at PLN 200 per participant.

Skillveo’s offerings are tailored to customers’ needs, and the subscription price depends on the number of employees and the course package selected. The courses are taught by experts in selected topics from all over Poland and training companies such as InAkademia, Edugrafia, and International Academy of Computer Training (IACT). Course authors join Skillveo in response to the expectations that our customers have. If you want, we can also arrange a webinar with them! Eskepers such as Michal Kowalczyk of and Piotr Nabielec of can take part when your company needs their support the most.

Skillveo will help you design more than just your training processes. Our experience in developing knowledge acquisition processes will also help you accelerate the transfer of traditional onboarding to an automated solution in the form of online onboarding. We can also arrange a webinar for you and your customers! We will tailor our support to your needs. If you’re looking for the right studio for video recording – we can help too!

We created Skillveo to respond only to your real needs. Therefore, once the right solution is selected for your organization, each client is assigned a company mentor. This way, you can be sure that the implementation is going according to the plan you set and your managers get regular support in the form of best practices that allow employees to achieve high activity. In addition, you are assured that the helpdesk is at your fingertips at any time.

Skillveo was founded in 2015 as the first Polish e-learning platform for business, and since then more than 200 companies have become our customers. Yours can join them too! See if this solution will meet your needs – contact us:


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