Knowledge management in the organization with the help of e-learning platform

E-learning platforms have taken the learning process to a whole other level. They offer employees an easy and convenient way to learn new skills, thereby increasing the level of knowledge management in the organization. How can e-learning platforms be used effectively in knowledge management strategies? What are the benefits of using e-learning platforms? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in this article!

  • Knowledge base – training, supplemental knowledge and key procedures in one place
  • Why use e-learning platforms?
  • Help for managers and HR department
  • Knowledge management in the enterprise

Knowledge base – training materials at hand

Without a doubt, technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of e-learning. Gone are the days when new hires had to queue up for training, which was often poorly organized. With an e-learning platform such as Skillveo, they can access training materials at any time and from any device – they no longer have to wait until Monday, because if they want, they can start the process of expanding their knowledge even on Sunday evening. All they need for this is Internet access and login credentials to the platform. In practice, the knowledge management system increases their quality of work, due to the fact that all the most important information is always at hand. Such business support helps build an employee’s sense of self-confidence, which is sure to bear fruit in the future.

Why is it worth it?

Undoubtedly, a proper knowledge management system greatly enhances the experience of employees, no matter what field they work in. And what will you gain from it? The main advantages of having a training platform in your company include:

  • Saving your employees’ time and your money – you don’t have to book a room or hire an outside company to conduct the training each time,
  • the ability to quickly verify the knowledge of individual departments – the platform allows you to monitor the progress of each person who is currently in the process of learning,
  • Increased efficiency – quick access to materials guarantees greater productivity,
  • smoothly increase the competence of employees – thanks to pleasant forms of acquiring knowledge,
  • greater organizational culture,
  • Quickly arrange video meetings – you don’t have to wait for each person to show up at your office,
  • Increasing the sense of belonging to the team – proper introduction of the employee increases his sense of belonging to the company,
  • availability of information at any place, at any time – in case of any question, any person with access to the system can check the information of interest at any time.

In business, you have to keep up with all the new developments in the market. Employers should keep their finger on the pulse and constantly monitor the progress of the company’s various processes, as well as those of its competitors. Using an e-learning platform improves not only knowledge management, but also human resources. By using the right tools, you can quickly see how the implementation process is going in your company and which departments would be good to work on. This is an important part of gaining a competitive advantage. Remember that success often depends on the right approach – if you are curious about what is going on around you, you will be able to react to it in time and offer your solution.

Help for HR department

Specialists in the field. Human resources are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the workplace. This includes everything from hiring new employees to making sure everyone is working in accordance with company policy. The work of the HR department can be divided into two types: soft HR and hard HR. Soft HR focuses on the people side, while hard HR focuses more on the business side. Specialist in the field. human resources takes care of the organizational culture in the company. The use of an e-learning platform such as Skillveo will significantly improve the work of the HR department and, consequently, the entire company. Through it, experts and managers can organize:

  • health and safety training and courses,
  • consultations with coordinators,
  • remote recruitment process,
  • space for publications about the work being done,
  • space for questions to specialists.

While employees will participate in remote onboarding, the HR department can take care of other tasks in the operation of the company. This type of assistance is sure to be appreciated by any HR professional and more.

Knowledge management in the enterprise

Proper management of human resources and knowledge in an organization promotes the creation of a quality workforce. By using the right strategies, you will be sure that everyone has access to the information they need when they need it. This is something that is currently lacking in many Polish companies. Here’s what you’ll gain with the right knowledge management system:

  • Increasing creativity in the team,
  • Strengthening your company in the labor market,
  • Relieving the burden on the HR department,
  • employee development,
  • faster projects and tasks implemented,
  • Greater understanding of customer needs,
  • Better contact with employees,
  • A team more willing to take on different challenges.

Can you imagine running a company without knowing what individual employees are working on? Without tracking progress, you would have no way to evaluate your team’s performance. By monitoring what each department is currently doing, you will have constant control over the progress of the work.

After completing training on the Skillveo platform, trainees will be able to issue a certificate of completion automatically. This feature is directly connected to LinkedIn and allows you to stand out among other companies. Check out the performance of our technology today!

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