Modern forms of professional competence development

Online courses and training have become our daily routine, regardless of industry. We have the opportunity to learn from the best without leaving home. How to use it? What can online courses give you? Is e-learning the future? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in this article.

Acquisition of new skills through the eyes of the employer

Every employer wants their organization to keep growing. For this you need a properly prepared staff that forms a team that plays to one goal. Employee competence undoubtedly plays a key role here. Reviewing page after page of candidate applications, the HR department pays special attention to qualifications. Participation in at least one training course has many benefits, as it makes a candidate’s resume much more interesting. It is also a good idea to provide adequate training to your team.

Training through the eyes of employees

An employee who wants to develop is a real treasure. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take regular refresher or skill-enhancing courses. It is the employer’s task to provide adequate conditions for improving his skills. Access to online training is increasingly required by employees. This attitude demonstrates their commitment and desire to grow. Courses can be conducted internally by employees or by external organizations on behalf of the employer. They can also be available on a dedicated e-learning platform, such as Skillveo.

Types of professional competence

We divide employee skills into hard and soft ones. Just a decade ago, recruitment was primarily focused on hard skills. However, current changes in the labor market have made soft skills equally important. However, this does not mean that hard competencies have become unimportant. Participation in courses and training will always be an added value in any candidate, regardless of the industry. Soft competencies include qualities that are related to interpersonal skills, for example:

  • Willingness to grow,
  • The ability to deal with stress,
  • rapid assimilation of knowledge,
  • open thinking.
  • patience,
  • Ability to work in a team and under time pressure,
  • personal culture,
  • flexibility

Hard competencies include:

  • knowledge of methods of conversation with the customer, here enter things such as customer service, negotiating skills,
  • foreign language skills,
  • The ability to work with various software,
  • Having the skills to perform duties efficiently,
  • Competencies acquired through job specifics/courses, e.g., forklift driving, cash register, etc.

As is not difficult to see, the development of hard skills requires the acquisition of knowledge from a variety of sources. Training courses, webinars and other ways of learning are the primary choice of many people who care about improving themselves. In the case of soft skills, the matter is not so simple. It’s primarily a matter of managing your emotions, something you have to work on on your own.

New trends in learning

Training is an integral part of everyone’s life. The times of teaching and working remotely have forced us to learn and adapt quickly. The last two years have completely changed the perception of training platforms and increased the demand for such tools. More and more companies are investing in such a solution. It’s a convenient tool that allows you to put any number of trainings in one place and, as in the case of the Skillveo platform, automate onboarding.

Employee training and remote onboarding

Deployment of new people to work involves numerous meetings: health and safety training, product courses, etc. The platform allows you to transfer knowledge to multiple employees without involving them in the same place at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of using an e-learning platform:

  • allows you to develop knowledge on any topic at any time,
  • Any employee can recall important information at any time,
  • offers several options for acquiring knowledge: through videos or interactive tests,
  • Any training can be done remotely,
  • The information is contained in one place, making it very easy to get it,
  • provides the ability to track the progress of each employee.

Helpful e-learning solutions

The right tools enable the development of your employees. Training should respond to their needs. Social media has made us live in an age of instant gratification. Information is provided instantly, on top of that in a convenient, interesting form. Nowadays, it is also more difficult to concentrate on a given task for an extended period of time, so training content should be of optimal length and maximally engage each employee.

A good course – knowledge in a nutshell

Organize your training so that it is as condensed as possible. No one likes to waste time, especially the current generation of young people. They absorb knowledge on the go – listening to a podcast or watching material while preparing dinner. Online training is a convenient form of learning because it gives trainees a great deal of the freedom they so desire. If you want to stand out from other companies, invest in the right solutions. The mobile application, which will include the most important training courses, will be the answer to the needs of all employees who rely on modern solutions.

A wide range of courses will positively influence the image of your company. Employees will certainly appreciate the commitment to the desire to develop their competence, which will directly contribute to their loyalty and attachment to the entire organization.

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