New features and courses in Skillveo

Remote learning is an effective and convenient format for acquiring knowledge and improving one’s competence, provided it is properly prepared and conducted. That’s why the Skillveo team is constantly working to ensure that users who take courses and companies that choose to digitize their training can use the platform even more effectively. This month we introduced new features in Skillveo and added premiere courses. Which ones? Read the short article and check it out.

News on the platform for course managers

As you know, the manager’s panel allows you to monitor user activity, as well as, upon completion of the online training, automatically issue certificates for each participant. That’s not all! Integration of certificates with LinkedIn has also been implemented – so your employees are able to share the document on their profiles among their network of contacts and boast about their score immediately after the training. What’s more, from now on, you will easily connect course users into groups so that they can perform some tasks together – for example, conduct creative brainstorming, create concepts or compare proposed solutions.

As a course manager, you can also add terms to development paths. This will make any online training even more organized and transparent – both for you and the users. More effective course management will also be enabled by the notifications we have introduced as part of the development paths. This way, your employees will receive the appropriate notification before each next step of the path or reminders about upcoming knowledge tests or the arrival of new materials. We have also implemented customizable and editable notifications, which means you have more options when it comes to preparing and sending messages to selected employees.

And finally, the last of the features that will allow you to monitor the progress of trainees even better in the manager’s panel – we have added filters for user activity, with the help of which you can easily check how a particular training group is performing or to what extent each trainee is involved in the training. This is valuable feedback and guidance on how else you can expand online training for employees.

New release of Skillveo for users

At Skillveo, we know that the form of remote training and its organization determines whether it will be successful. Even the best-prepared factual material can go unnoticed or be assimilated only superficially if it is not embedded in a proper structure. That’s why we are constantly studying user needs and making further improvements to make online learning even simpler, more interesting and engaging. An update of the user interface took place in October to make it clearer and more tailored to the needs of all trainees. What has changed?

We’ve introduced the ability to scroll the course view ribbon, making it even easier for users to navigate training or specific development paths and customize them to meet current needs. In addition, all training materials now create files in player view, and this makes using them simpler and more intuitive. It also allows the user to return more quickly to material he or she would like to repeat before a test or at a later time. Also, the innovations described above, such as notifications, integration of certificates with LinkedIn and the ability to work in groups will contribute to more effective learning and better monitoring of progress.

Premiere courses at Skillveo

October is not only a month of new features on the Skillveo platform. This is also the time when new proposals are added to the training offerings. You can sign up now:

  • Speeches – how to do it right
  • Training on effective communication
  • Body language training
  • Techniques for effective planning
  • Scrum & Agile
  • Techniques for dealing with procrastination
  • Business box management
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Techniques for managing tasks over time

The knowledge presented in the courses will surely benefit salespeople, marketers, managers, as well as anyone who would like to learn ways to make memorable speeches, elements of effective communication, learn how to read non-verbal language and adjust appropriate responses, and discover ways to plan activities that will bring tangible results in business. The possibilities are many, and with the tools used on the Skillveo platform, anyone can tailor them to their individual needs.

If you would like to learn more about courses on the Skillveo platform, then go to and fill out the contact form.


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