Microlearning, or develop employees in small steps.

Microlearning is an approach to learning that focuses on delivering short, accessible lessons. You can easily assimilate in a few minutes. Microlearning often uses digital technologies such as video, infographics, quizzes or podcasts to convey content in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. Skillveo has chosen and promotes a form of microlearning, offering thousands of lessons of a few minutes or so in more than 300 courses.

The goal of microlearning is to enable the rapid and efficient acquisition of knowledge, while minimizing the time required for learning. This is especially important in the current era, in which we have fewer and fewer time resources.

Microlearning has many advantages, such as increasing learning effectiveness, improving student motivation and engagement, and ease of content delivery and updating.

Skillveo is a platform that allows you to create and share short lessons, called lessons or “microcourses,” using a variety of educational tools. With Skillveo, users can create and use interactive lessons, videos, quizzes, presentations and many other formats that are easily learned in minutes.

Microlearning on Skillveo offers many benefits. With the ability to deliver content in short and easy to digest formats, users can assimilate knowledge quickly and effectively. We promote the idea of creating habits: we urge our users to set aside 15 minutes a day – every day – for developmental goals. In addition, the platform allows users to customize content, which increases their engagement and motivation to learn.

Skillveo also offers tools to monitor students’ progress, allowing you to keep track of their performance and tailor content to their individual needs. The platform is therefore an ideal tool for companies, schools and organizations that want to effectively deliver knowledge to their employees in an easy, accessible and efficient manner.

Skillveo is an innovative platform for creating short lessons and microcourses for easy and effective learning in various fields. With Skillveo, users can learn new things quickly and enjoyably, while easily monitoring their progress and developing their skills.

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