New courses on Skillveo platform now available

Three new offerings have just been added to Skillveo’s collection of remote courses: How to Create Pricing Strategies, Persuasive Techniques in Marketing, and Personal Persuasion Techniques. What will you learn during them and which will be most suitable for you? Take a look at the latest online training courses available on the platform.

Want to increase profit? Apply appropriate pricing strategies.

Setting a price is a precise process like creating an apothecary’s recipe. Each case is different and needs to be properly considered with appropriate proportions. How do you create pricing strategies so that the prices of your services or products encourage customers to buy rather than deter them?

In the How to Create Pricing Strategies course, you’ll find the best pricing and pricing management tactics and see which ones work best for your products or services.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • How to create prices that will make you competitive
  • What motivates people to buy?
  • How to make the price look lower?
  • Why is cutting prices often not the best idea?
  • How to present prices visually to make them look attractive?
  • How to set prices for valuable products, such as a house or car?
  • How to elicit faster purchase responses?
  • How to properly determine discounts?

Duration: 2h

What do salespeople and marketers do to get you to buy? Learn their secrets and use them in your business!

It has not been known for a long time that advertisements and other marketing activities are created to influence the audience in a specific way – to convince them to buy. How to weave persuasion techniques into a marketing strategy, based on psychology, to better meet consumer needs and increase sales?

The Persuasive Techniques in Marketing course will show you how marketing tactics work and how to use them to sell a particular product or service.

You will understand the basics of psychology and learn why these tactics are so effective, and more:

  • You will learn sales manipulation techniques and increase profits,
  • you will learn how psychology affects the buying process
  • you will see examples of persuasive marketing
  • You will learn to create marketing incentives and good impressions alone
  • you will define customer needs and problems

Duration: 3 h 50 min

Desire to gain trust, win sympathy and convince even the most stubborn? Learn psychological techniques that will help you do this.

Influence and persuasion are used today in really many areas of our lives. Knowledge in this area is particularly useful for salespeople or marketing people, although managers or negotiators are also keen to use similar tactics.

The Personal Persuasion Techniques course will allow you to learn persuasion techniques and use them in your daily activities to make it easier for you to get exactly what you need.

You will learn to read from the body language and behavior of your interlocutors, learn special phrases to increase your persuasive power, and more:

  • you will see how different personality types communicate
  • you will learn how to deal with manipulation
  • you will learn the methods of negotiation
  • you will learn what to do when someone rejects your offer
  • You will learn to assess the character of the interlocutor
  • you will see the techniques used by the media
  • you will see what methods politicians use
  • you will learn tips for telephone communication
  • you will see examples: Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Krzysztof Bosak

Duration: 3 h 34 min

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