Product training through remote onboarding platform

Want to keep your salespeople, dealers and brokers up to date with product knowledge? Make sure they have the right conditions for it. Online product training for salespeople is a way for them to always have up-to-date knowledge of products and services. With a remote onboarding platform, you can prepare e-trainings for employees and make sure they gain comprehensive knowledge of new, updated and planned offers. After all, proper preparation and product knowledge is the key to making them sell even more effectively.

Remote training is the future of companies?

Working remotely, hybrid teams or employees dispersed across different locations is a new situation for most companies. However, sales departments were already facing similar challenges before the pandemic, with salespeople traveling across the country and often beyond. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to ensure that they are adequately prepared with product knowledge; it is hard to get all the salespeople together in one place at the same time. Yet regular product training is a must for any organization. After all, it’s crucial that your company’s sales representatives constantly absorb information about new, updated or planned elements of your offerings. So how do you ensure that traders can get the necessary knowledge? With help comes e-learning. Online training for salespeople is a solution that Product Managers of both larger and smaller companies are increasingly turning to. The shift from traditional to digital solutions during the pandemic showed that remote learning can be effective, engaging and, most importantly, convenient.

Why use e-learning in product training?

In addition to solving the problems we described above, remote product training for salespeople also means flexibility, freedom, time savings and easier content updates. Salespeople with one business trip chasing another will be happy to have ready-made materials about the offering, ready to download or view. Even if they have previously learned some of the content of the training, they will certainly be eager to recall a particular passage or key features of a particular product on their way to the customer. Similarly, for new salespeople or those returning to the company after a long absence – thanks to online training on the platform, they can quickly update their knowledge of the offer or the organization’s philosophy (we wrote more about how to use a training platform for reboarding here ). It is worth noting that the platform, thanks to IT solutions, allows not only for basic “training” in the knowledge of products or services – it is also an ideal tool to effectively transfer the latest knowledge and improve competence. At Skillveo, online training courses are prepared with attention to their attractiveness, interactivity and elements that engage participants.

For which companies will online product training on the platform be particularly beneficial?

Product training in the form of e-learning will find application in two cases in particular: if you have long-lived products (i.e., where products are on offer for many years) and rapidly changing offers and services (i.e., many new versions and variants in a short period of time). The first group will therefore include companies in manufacturing industries, including furniture, consumer electronics and appliances, automotive, as well as pharmaceutical or medical companies. The second category will be represented by telecommunications, financial companies, banks, insurance or retail chains.

Product knowledge attractively and engagingly

“The purpose of this training is to present our company’s product innovations,” or how to discourage participants at the very start. Forget about cliché training courses, boring formulas and materials that land at the bottom of the drawer after the training. With Skillveo’s training platform, you can try out different training formats and decide which one will work best for your employees. Both salespeople and the entire company will benefit – the interesting knowledge given stays with the trainees for a longer time, and thanks to this they can achieve even better sales results. What’s more, everyone will receive the materials in parallel, regardless of their location.

Remember to define expectations, determine the target audience and the environment in which e-learning can be used (office, store, travel). Then, together with the help of the Sklllveo team, you will prepare relevant and engaging materials, and in the event that any content becomes outdated, you will easily complete a particular module on the platform.

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