Training that won’t be killed by a project killer

Many large companies allocate between 2% and 5% of their annual salary budgets to training. For a manufacturing company with 200 employees with an average gross salary of PLN 7,000 / mc, this would be a budget of 300 thousand or more. Up to one million zlotys a year. This is a massive expense that can be difficult to accept in a price-volatile economy.

There are many ways to save money in an enterprise. Operating costs can be reduced, bills can be analyzed, prices can be renegotiated, parts of the business can be moved to lower-cost locations. Save energy, automate processes, reduce inventory, delay purchases, or rethink spending in marketing. But it’s certainly not worth cutting costs on training, because it’s one of those investments that pays dividends in future times.

Instead, it is worth moving them completely online. There is no better opportunity to try to start implementing training in a new, fully digitized way. The Skillveo platform will make it possible to close the training budget of our sample company in a value not exceeding 100 thousand. PLN per year, giving access to a thematically rich course database.

Skillveo was created to provide both large players and small entities with a competent and verifiable database of modern online training courses. In one place with an intuitive interface – there is knowledge given in a surprisingly accessible and clear way. An employer sending such training can further personalize it and monitor its progress. Importantly, it is not a forced course venue – the employees themselves speak highly of Sklillveo’s quality and training methods. They receive a variety of thematic materials that they can access on a regular basis, and receive a certificate when the training is over. More than 300 courses, more than 5,000 lessons – at one online address at a price that even the savviest in the industry will accept.
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Szukasz skutecznego sposobu na szkolenie pracowników?

Skillveo to innowacyjna platforma e-learningowa online. Nowoczesne rozwiązanie szkoleniowe dla pracowników firm, oferujące dostęp do szerokiej bazy kursów, niezależnie od miejsca i czasu. Naszą misją jest sprawienie, że dostęp do wiedzy jest stały i nieograniczony. Przenosimy szkolenia stacjonarne do internetu, zapewniając ich wysoką jakość i skuteczność działania. Wykorzystując nowoczesne technologie opracowaliśmy skuteczną metodologię szkoleniową. Chętnie odpowiemy na potrzeby Twojej firmy. Skontaktuj się z nami pod adresem mailowym: lub skorzystaj z poniższego formularza.