Challenges – not just training – in the age of Gig HR

Gig HR. This neat term is quite a challenge. Giants are growing in popularity and recognition. It seems that they may soon be the future of employment. Read and share your experience from your own organization. What is your point of view?

In the U.S., more than one-third of the employed workforce are giants, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study. It is a form of work for an independent specialist, freelancer, from assignment to assignment, in which the contractor has more freedom than a full-time employee. Of course, this does not preclude a long-term relationship without major formal commitments. To a large extent, the giger manages its own time. This employment trend means that the excitement of new challenges definitely reduces the risk of burnout. Regardless of other pluses, the gig economy also brings its fair share of challenges for employers. It is becoming an increasingly popular method of work in our economy.

As a boss or HR manager, your options are limited. You have limited time, team and budget. You need to invest these resources in the best possible way. Fairly and efficiently, but by what criterion?

The challenge in the age of gig HR is related to diversity. Admit it to yourself, do you invest similar proportions in full-time employees and contract workers – gig workers? And what is your strategy regarding in-office, hybrid and remote workers? Do you also give them proportionate attention and resources?

This is one of the challenges that companies did not face 20 years ago. And it is still a veritable minefield in which certain decisions, even deeply considered, can have unforeseen consequences.

Looking at it purely in human terms: every employee is worth the same amount of time. In any organization, you may have people who are more strategically influential – regardless of the form or where the work is delivered. Would you agree with that?

Devoting time to them and developing them will also have a greater impact on the organization.

That’s why one of the most equitable and effective tools that have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years is e-learning platforms. It’s a good idea to bet on the most experienced ones with proven offerings. This is how Skillveo, the largest training platform, works, with more than 200 clients, and thousands of employees have already benefited from their hundreds of courses. What are the benefits of such a move in the age of the giants?

Sending employees who are important to the development of our company, regardless of their form of employment, for professional training can bring them new skills and knowledge. This affects their efficiency and productivity, in effect working for us. New skills contribute to the development of their competence, strengthen their loyalty, and improve our competitiveness. These are investments that, sooner or later, will yield profits.

See what additional tools and “skills” the Skillveo platform offers. Make an appointment with us for a demo!


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