The future in HR? Automation, gamification, online onboarding

Automation, gamification and online onboarding are new technologies that are beginning to be used in the rapidly changing HR industry. What else does the future hold for Human Resources employees? Will these technologies continue to gain in popularity? Or will something else emerge to replace them? Let’s take a look at the most popular trends in the HR industry.

Explanation of terms

It is good practice before making any decisions to learn exactly what the various technologies mean and what changes they may bring. Human resource management is extremely important in the operation of any company, and it is good to ensure that they are organized at the right level. So let’s familiarize ourselves with each of the processes discussed.

  • Automation is the use of dedicated technologies to control and monitor processes. In companies, it is used, for example, in the processes of recruitment, induction and opinion surveys of new hires. There are many benefits to monitoring employee satisfaction levels, including improving productivity, work quality and employee engagement. On the market you will find many systems designed to automate the onboarding process, and it is only up to you to decide which one to choose. It is a good idea to discuss the choice of an appropriate solution with people such as the HR business partner or the recruitment manager of the HR department.

  • Gamification can be defined as the process of taking something that already exists, such as a task or activity, and adding elements of it to recruitment to make it more engaging. Essentially, gamification is about incentive design – making a thing more interesting. While the use of games and their mechanics for non-gaming purposes is not a new idea, it has only recently begun to be used more widely. This is for good reason – research has shown that, when done properly, gamification can be an extremely effective way to motivate people to achieve desired results.

  • Remote onboarding is a way to introduce new employees to an organization without having to leave the office. It allows managers to train and induct new employees remotely, using tools such as a dedicated platform. This is an extremely convenient form that has won the favor of many business owners, especially during the pandemic outbreak.

Huge growth in the HR industry

Managing people is one of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals. Human resources management is responsible for ensuring the well-being of employees and the appropriate implementation process. Many companies are using automation to streamline onboarding processes. Preparing training remotely is a very convenient solution, both to the company’s existing employees and new ones. Working remotely has become an everyday occurrence, so it makes sense to move with the times and invest in the necessary tools to help the entire enterprise grow. Implementation using a dedicated e-learning platrofm allows to increase the efficiency of the HR department. Training an employee online gives him or her some freedom in choosing the path of knowledge acquisition. The ability to adjust working hours to one’s capabilities is extremely convenient and has a positive impact on employee performance.

Onboarding automation – deploying a new employee has never been so easy

Hiring new people is not just about interviewing potential employees. This is primarily a time that is spent discussing HR and payroll issues, taking care of new work tools, familiarizing the employee with his/her responsibilities and teaching him/her the rules of communication within the company structure. As you can easily guess, the process can be time-consuming. In practice, the end of onboarding occurs only when the employee has raised his skills to the point where he is able to handle all of his job duties on his own. Every employer is keen to train a new employee in a short period of time so that they can start performing their duties as soon as possible. Accelerating this process will only be possible after investing in the right tools to streamline the process, such as a remote onboarding platform like Skillveo.

Unburden your HR department and grow your business!

Investing in new solutions to transfer knowledge to a new employee makes the work of Human Resources much smoother. Thanks to the preparation of video training, the HR department does not have to organize a separate training session each time. All the most important information about the new job will be in a short instructional video. While the new employees are expanding their knowledge, the HR department can deal with other issues that can translate into business growth. This, in turn, strengthens your organization’s image in the labor market. Provide your employees with an adequate flow of information

In remote work, a new employee must not feel alone. It is the managers’ job to make sure that there is proper communication and acclimatization to the new company. Remote onboarding is not just about learning to do a new job. Onboarding is much more than that – it’s about surveying a new employee’s satisfaction, building their commitment and preparing them for life at the company. Online work is all about contact. Every person in the company should know that they work closely with their entire team and can count on them at all times. This attitude increases commitment and willingness to work, which is, after all, what every employer wants. Introducing the company’s culture using engaging content facilitates learning and builds a positive image for the entire organization. A satisfied employee is more likely to recommend your company to another person, so you can attract new contractors and employees, regardless of the current state of the market.

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