Profiles of Skillveo trainers – Anna Molenda

Skillveo trainers are people with many years of experience. Meet one of our trainers Anna Molenda. Anna has specialized in motivation and communication and sales topics for more than 15 years, as well as in the areas of priority management, change implementation and branding. In her own words, she is passionate about education based on […]

Remote work expectations in the post-pandemic era

Under this somewhat dystopian title, lies the post-pandemic reality in which we live. It has had a lasting impact on the way we provide work and how we enforce completed professional tasks. Working in a hybrid or completely remote model is standard in many industries. Before 2020, such a model was completely rejected by many […]

Training that won’t be killed by a project killer

Many large companies allocate between 2% and 5% of their annual salary budgets to training. For a manufacturing company with 200 employees with an average gross salary of PLN 7,000 / mc, this would be a budget of 300 thousand or more. Up to one million zlotys a year. This is a massive expense that […]

Training Budget 2024. Find out how to spend less and get more

Employee development builds a company’s potential, this is common knowledge not only in the HR department. Starting from a difficult position in 2024, the training budget should be planned precisely, if only because of inflationary pressures. Check out the best solutions for employers who care about upgrading their employees’ skills.