Training Budget 2024. Find out how to spend less and get more

A new year means new challenges in business. The role of HR departments has been growing steadily in recent years. One of the many tasks is to create a training budget. We are already treating training more and more properly – as an investment, not a cost. Another year of uncertainty is forcing a better and better argumentation of investment allocations. Training is no different.

The advantages of training are basically no longer in question. Their advantages are versatile, here are the most important ones:

  • Improve productivity and quality of work;
  • Help resolve problems faster;
  • Improving the work environment;
  • Reduce the need for employee supervision;
  • Increase company efficiency;
  • Prevention of accidents at work;
  • Increasing the company’s stability;
  • An increased sense of being part of a group.

When calculating the cost of training, you should additionally take into account such aspects:

  • Pay for time not worked if the training takes place during working hours.
  • Surcharge if held outside business hours.
  • Compensation or related costs, such as transportation, if employees need to move to another facility.

As we can see, offsite training involves additional difficulties, and 2023 should be a year that is all about efficiency and spending money wisely. Therefore, a good option is to implement a training budget based on a comprehensive online solution for the entire company. Such a measure will make the company independent of inflationary pressures, reduce training costs, and has no external costs. In short, the company gets more for less.

And this is where the biggest player related to online training comes in. Skillveo’s training platform is a response to the growing demand for employee development while saving money. More than 300 professional courses are available in one place available 24 hours a day. In total, that’s about 5,000 Polish-language lessons.

Skillveo is a well-known platform among entities that care about the professional development of their employees. The Skillveo platform is used by more than 200 established companies in almost every industry.

Feedback on the platform among employees is exceptionally high. Skillveo cares about the continuous development of the platform’s functionality and the thematic range of courses.

New materials appear regardless of the market situation. More than 30 new courses have been added to Skillveo in the challenging year of 2023 for business. On average, users can benefit from 5-10 new training courses every month.

Skillveo’s many advantages are attracting more employers, who appreciate the intuitive user experience and the quality of the training materials, but also the ability to monitor progress and the superbly designed onboarding. It is a professional tool for supporting the potential of people in a company. It’s worth considering these types of courses when planning your 2024 training budget.

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