How much is knowledge worth in 2024?

In an inflationary environment, business faces many challenges that we have often found to be permanently defeated. The pressure of rising costs, the speed of response in terms of wage changes are dynamically affecting the already uneasy situation in the labor market. Despite the large influx of workers from Ukraine, access to skilled workers has not increased in most businesses.

If your company has an average gross salary of PLN 7,000, and you have 200 employees, the employer’s monthly costs are almost PLN 1.7 million. The expected 20% increase in wages makes it necessary to budget more than PLN 2 million per month. This is a powerful growth. On average, nearly PLN 1,700 per employee and nearly PLN 4 million per year.

HR needs to help the business maintain profitability to a degree not seen in a long time. One effective solution that is good for both the organization and the employee is to invest in the development of the employee’s competence. The Skillveo platform is particularly attractive in this case.

Skillveo is a modern form of improving employee skills. This training platform, the largest in Poland, has more than 400 competent courses with a total of more than 5,000 lessons. Employers in various industries are eager to use Skillveo. The operation of the platform is intuitive, and the training material itself is given clearly and professionally. Hence the high satisfaction ratings from users, who appreciate the quality of content and constant updates. New materials appear regardless of the market situation. More than 50 new courses have been added to Skillveo in the difficult year of 2023 for business. On average, users can benefit from 5-10 new training courses every month.

It’s worth exploring the platform’s offerings to develop employees’ capabilities and measurably assess their potential. A team of experienced specialists who take care of expanding the course base has designed ready-made career paths and competency tests. Users receive certificates and their employers receive precise analysis, detailed reports and full activity monitoring. It is a professional tool for supporting the potential of people in a company. That’s why the Skillveo platform is used by more than 200 well-known business entities.

It’s also an indispensable and functional tool for onboarding, allowing you to deploy a new employee in a strictly planned manner without complications and difficulties.

Both employer and employee can access this platform literally from anywhere and at any time. Importantly, employers can also create their own training content and processes, or outsource to Skillveo’s experts. All this is done to personalize tasks and goals according to the requirements for a particular employee.

Benefiting from knowledge in the largest training database with Polish-language online courses is an investment in future success in an increasingly competitive and volatile market.

If you are interested in how to implement Skillveo in your organization – leave your data. We will call or write back tomorrow at the latest!


Szukasz skutecznego sposobu na szkolenie pracowników?

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